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In 1985, classic football shirt Fitzgerald and his partners (one of which was Stuart Shadel) decided to sell the Bucks. Pavlov had ideas about developing the club and turning it into one of the leaders in Bulgarian football. However, the Bucks were unable to make it to the NBA Finals again, vintage football shirts being eliminated by either the Celtics or the Sixers each time. Noteworthy for the 1980s Bucks is that in 1983 they became the first, and until 2003, only team in NBA history to sweep the Boston Celtics in a best-of-seven playoff series, being the first team to meet and defeat Michael Jordan in a playoff series (during Jordan’s rookie year), and hosting Julius Erving’s final NBA game in the 1987 NBA playoffs, which would see the Bucks advancing with a game five first-round playoff victory.

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