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The newspaper also criticised the non-appearance of a risk study following Astle’s death and launched a campaign to investigate football related brain injuries. In November 2017, a BBC documentary on the subject presented by former England striker Alan Shearer included an interview with Astle’s daughter, retro football kits where she spoke of the deterioration in her father’s condition. It said the authorities risked legal action because of a “scandalous” failure to research dementia amongst former players, arsenal retro shirts due to a combination of repeated heading of the ball and from collisions that might have occurred during a game. The sequel, Match Day II was much the same but incorporated two features still used today in most football titles – a deflection system, the ball could bounce off players, which meant headers were possible, and a shot power system, although it was as easy to accidentally backheel the ball with this system, classic football shirts as it was to hit a powerful shot.

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