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Due to the backlash against the less popular designs, the sublimation process was used by fewer teams in subsequent seasons, as newer thirds either rearranged the colours of an existing jersey, retro man utd shirt or experimented with different construction methods to create new designs. The sublimated dye process allows for more complex stripe and graphic designs than were possible or practical with traditional manufacturing methods. Seasons can be customized in length, difficulty, playoff details, retro england shirt and more. Seven teams participated in the program, and included both home and road versions of throwback designs. The stadium opened in 1988 as home of the Buffalo Bisons, retro man utd shirt but was passed over in the 1993 Major League Baseball expansion (Sahlen Field was eventually used as a temporary MLB facility by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2020 season and 2021 season due to Canada’s travel restrictions following the outbreak of COVID-19).

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